Simple Ways To Improve Your Blog For Your Business

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More and more businesses are starting blogs in an attempt to market themselves. It’s an efficient digital approach brands are taking these days. If you are a small business wondering how you can start a blog or improve it, keep reading.

Get Started

Don’t hesitate to get started on that blog that you’ve been meaning to do for your business. And if you’re not sure what to do, you can look up start-up guides in order to help you get your blog up. You may also want to look into putting up social media sites in order to generate traffic to your blog. Depending on what your business is about and what kind of content you plan to put up on your blog, you can choose the social media sites that you’re going to use to reach your target audience. Facebook is not for everyone, and other up and coming sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are now being used for social media advertising.

Plan Ahead

The beauty of putting your business online through a blog or social media accounts is that you can now track how well they are doing. Are they reaching enough people? What time should you post in order to reach and engage more people? Which topics are people more interested in? Given these sorts of data, you can now optimize your posts in order to gain more of a following, as well as know what time of posting generates more views and feedback on your posts. If you have any upcoming events or promos for your business, then you plan blog posts that would inform people more about this event. If you have old blog posts that are generating a lot of traffic, then you can update and re-post it to keep on engaging more and newer audience.

Get Contributors

You may think that you have to do everything for your blog, but that’s not true. You can ask guests from other well-known blogs to write a post for your blog as a guest. This is an old but still effective method in blogging called guest blogging that helps expand your audience to that writer’s audience. In return, your market can also check out that guest writer’s blog for a win-win to both of you. You can find someone who has the same niches and similar content to you then ask them to guest on your blog. You can also look for ideas from all over the internet and collate them into one collective post, as long as you get permission and/or credit the original posters on your collection post. Some blogs like accept writers that write about beauty topics.

Branch Out

Your blog posts or articles don’t always have to be in the form of a text post accentuated with pictures. While engaging, it can also become monotonous. You can try branching out into more visual presentations rather than worded ones, make a list of books that have a character in your line of business, or you can even create playlists on music streaming sites such as Spotify that have something to do with your business. This is particularly useful for those in the event-planning business, but don’t limit yourself. As long as you can find to make it work and make it engaging, go for it. Make sure that people see that your business blog posts can be fun and quirky as well.

Articles and How-to Guides

In order to generate more traffic into your blog, you can treat is as a website where you put articles and how-to guides instead of blog posts. This is because people generally correlate blog posts to “boring business stuff” and may not want to check out your posts, no matter how fun and quirky they actually are. You wouldn’t want this, so market your blog as a website where they can find helpful advice, how-to articles, and other more interesting content that they may be interested in.

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Benefits of Social Media For Your Small Business

social media for small business

Many small business owners have heard about the wonders social media can do for their business. Yet they might hesitate to dive in due to not having enough knowledge and not knowing where to start. I intend to do a short series about how exactly to implement and execute a social media strategy for small businesses but before you get started, it’s important to understand the theory behind and how it can be used.

Reach Your Customers

In this age of technology, it’s very likely that a lot of your target market is on social media. When you go on social media, you can get some important details such as trends in their interest that could be beneficial for your own marketing.

Going on social media also means that you can reach your audience a lot faster, and improve your brand recall and loyalty because of the huge amount of demographics that is exposed to your online presence. And they are also given the guarantee that they can connect with you just as easily. A lot of customers turn to social media accounts for customer service, and having an online presence can assure them that they can find you and get your help conveniently.

I have a lot of moms who run their own businesses and wonder how they can market their online business. I hope this video can help you out with some good tips. By the way, if you’re a mom wondering about jobs, you can find out more about the best jobs for moms in this site here

Targeted Ads

A lot of people are on social media and advertising on it can guarantee that you’re going to be able to reach them. Advertising on social media is so much more convenient and relatively cheaper than on any other platform. Not only that, you can even specify the targeted audience for your ads. Even after you launch your ads, you can track how well they are doing and if they are reaching your target market.

Advertisements can include promotion as well as content distribution, and doing this over social media means that you can market and track ads from the comforts of your office or home.

social media for small business

Higher Lead Generation

Lead generation refers to the building up of interest in your product or services in order to develop a continuous and established relationship with your buyers. Research studies have shown that social media has become one of the most efficient ways in order to generate high leads. There is also a reported increase in sales for companies that engaged in social media sales. Selling on social media is highly acclaimed in world-class companies because it helps them retain customers, identify new business opportunities, as well as increase their sales.

Establishing a customer-company relationship is so much easier on social media. You can even get feedback from your customers after they avail of your services, and you can continue to be there to answer any inquiries or concerns about your products and services.

Website Traffic and Search Engine Ranking

Putting up your business’s account on social media can give you a means to redirect customers to your website, thus increasing your website traffic. The more social media shares that you have, also means that your content will have a higher ranking on search engines. This ensures that new potential customers will have a greater chance of finding you online because of the existing shares from your current customers. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Competitive Marketing

Being on social media also means that you can keep tabs on what your competitors are doing, and how you could use this information to your advantage. Even if they aren’t on social media, then that only means that you already have an advantage over them because you have more avenues that customers can reach you through.


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22 Brilliant Social Media Marketing Tips

After not blogging for the longest time (I have been very focused on my marketing services business), the writing itch got the better of me so here I am again, back to blogging to share my tips, knowledge and network within the community.

My aim is to update this blog regularly and provide value firstly to my readers. I will be scheduling some time off my weekly tasks to work on this blog. Fingers crossed I will be able to keep to this new resolution.

Social Media has always been something I am tremendously passionate about and so, what better way to start off again on social marketing. Enjoy.


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